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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  After five years of serving as the assistant principal, I am both humbled and excited to be selected as the principal of Bath County Middle School.  


Although I began my career as a high school English teacher, middle school is a place I have grown to love.   Our students come to us in 6th grade still very much with the characteristics of elementary school students.  In their three short years with us, we see them go through so many changes.  They grow from children and mature into young adults.


Although there is a lot of concern about this year academically and socially, one thing we all know is that kids are resilient.   They do well with change.   This year, there are a number of positive changes taking place at BCMS.  Our building has seen a number of improvements, including an outdoor eating area and planned changes to the seating in our cafeteria.  The class schedule will allow students to get  what they need instructionally and provide a structure that will, in the future, allow students some choice in elective and enrichment options.  We have had a number of new faculty and staff, who will provide more opportunities for our students.


 In addition, during this upcoming school year, we expect to have a heavy focus on academic instruction, social-emotional health, supplementary academic courses, enrichment activities, career/college exploration, and extracurricular offerings.   Our teachers are not just experts in their content areas.  They, along with the staff in our building, provide a safe and caring environment, allowing students to experience positive adult-student relationships, striving to give our students a well-rounded experience, and offering students the tools they need in order to succeed in high school and beyond, whether students choose to enter college, career training, or the workforce. 


Upon entering the school for my interview five years ago, I could feel what a special and welcoming place BCMS was.  That feeling has not left.  It is also what I want our students, our parents and guardians, our faculty and staff, and our community to feel when they enter our doors.  All of us are here for the same purpose:  we want to see our students succeed.


         Misty Burchett Johnson

         Principal, Bath County Middle School